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    I have a brooks B 17 Champion Special. It’s brown with copper rivets and silver rails. There is a few scratches in the leather that could likely buffed out, and there’s a bit of wear and tear on the the corners from being leaned against various surface (never tour without a kickstand), but it’s nothing significant and it has minimal miles. I bought this several years ago, put it on trucker, rode it to Duluth and did some minimal commuting. Probably under a thousand miles all told. Part of it is touring bikes are not my style, unless of course i am touring, and part of it is the damn thing is really wide for someone that usually rides light, race/road saddles. It’s a bummer, the saddle looks so slick, and i have built some aesthetic into the bike around it. It would be awesome if you have a narrow model brooks and would like to trade. If it’s one to the more expensive models i may consider putting money into the trade. I would also settle for a decent race saddle. I like pretty much anything by fizik. Selle Italia vintage turbo or flight, or their modern line up. I will not ride a Bontrager, but anything else, let me know. If all you got is cash, that’s cool too. I’m thinking $80

    I also have an Ortlieb Waterproff Messenger Bag. It’s orange. It’s huge. It’s awesome if you’re not in significant need organization. That being said, i did purchase the internal organizer which works well as long as you’re not trying to put anything too heavy in it, i.e. a tool pouch. Cell phone, wallet, pens your golden. They also make a larger organizer that works in conjunction with the one that i will include. It’s pretty beat up on the outside, you could call it character. Also, the velcro requires some extra finessing to get it to stay if you are carrying a big load. Other than that, she runs like a beaut, so to speak, and i have owned but one bag as comfortable. I’m hopin to see $60 for it. But if you show up at my house with a decent (emphasis on the decent) bottle of whiskey and a six pack of craft beer I probably wouldn’t refuse you.

    The Cetma 7-rail rack is also still up for grabs. Powdercoated black. $80

    Possibly more to come.


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    I’ve got a brooks swift, copper rivets, chrome rails, black.

    We should trade.

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    I’m game. Wanna message me a phone number?

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