No Name 81 alleycat – January 6th, 2013 6:30 PM

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    Whereas; for the last 80* iterations, the No Name alleycat racing series has been a good time for most, and $5 entry for all**; and

    Whereas, the aforementioned entry fee is, by tradition, “winner takes all”, but mostly later returned to all competitors, transubstantiated into liquid form (the first round of drinks); and

    Whereas, there may be additional prizes, not the least of which being a festooned tiara; and

    Whereas, cycling in winter need not be constrained to commuting to work. Or going to the bar. Or “grocery shopping”. Or Stupor Bowl. Or… ; and

    Whereas, knowledge of obscure locations and optimally routing between them can allow one to best numerically faster competitors; and

    Whereas, few activities are planned for the evening of Sunday, January 6th, other than perhaps watch the third season premiere of Downton Abbey***; and

    Whereas, the drill is well known. Riders may want to bring $5, a helmet, lights, a map, and a pen. Riders under 21 are encouraged to attend, but those seeking a drink will need an ID/be 21+;

    Now, therefore, I, ALEX ANDERSON, winner of No Name 80, do hereby proclaim that No Name 81 shall indeed occur this Sunday, January 6th at 6:30 PM. Manifests at 6:45. Start at 7:00.

    * Non-metric calendar
    ** Save some recent discounts to encourage inclusiveness, and possibly other examples of which this author might not be aware.
    *** The premiere will be rebroadcast the following morning at 2 AM and on Wednesday evening.

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    Oh, and here’s a Facespace event link for people who like that sort of thing.

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    yubba dubba do!

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    Durr, here’s a map link of the start for the Faceplace non-compliant.

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    We had a great turnout last night with 22 racers! Congrats to winner David S, who was pretty excited to plan the post-Stupor Bowl (and during Super Bowl) No Name 82.

    Full results later on…

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    David S – 1:10
    jammin – 1:11
    Radlerin – 1:15
    cedarteeth – 1:17
    Peedubya – 1:27
    godofmildew – 1:47
    Travis K – 1:51
    Jeff J – 1:51
    Judd N – 1:51
    Jef DS – 1:51
    archiesturmer – 2:04
    Drew H – 2:36
    Eric C – 2:36
    Tigerbeat – 1:04 (-1)
    bjorn – 1:07 (-1)
    beef – 1:08 (-1)
    RhythmBoundRider – 1:26 (-1)
    Alex M – 1:46 (-1)
    Petah 1:19 (-2)

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