Attempted Bike Jacking on the Greenway

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    It all went down around 4pm yesterday…

    I got away but the more I think about it the more pissed I get.

    Read about it here..

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    i hate people

    I mean crap like this makes me so angry

    public education has failed us

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    Ironic that you were saved by an SUV.

    Good thing we have some good samaritans around.

    While it may seem extreme, I feel that the object in the illustration below would’ve taken care of the problem:

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    Too much cargo to go over the Sabo?

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    you should report this to the fuzz

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    God, that makes me so pissed…. you gotta report this.

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    @UJVF wrote:

    Too much cargo to go over the Sabo?

    Yes, well I was planning on taking Sabo but right at the T was
    when one of them started chasing me. I knew I wasn’t going to
    be able to out run the kid going uphill with 75+ extra pounds, not
    in 90 degree heat at least.

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    @joe wrote:


    you should report this to the fuzz

    Yes, please please please make sure you report this. It seems like it doesn’t matter, and for you individually it probably won’t, but for the bike community as a whole it is critically important.


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    I’m just glad you made it out of there in one piece. The whole thing is so surreal, just the perfect storm of things to make the situation as horrific as possible.

    I’ve also never been happier I don’t have to go down the Greenway on a regular basis. :(

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    Bad bad bad.

    The sad thing is if you had been alone and had to hose them with pepper spray, it would have been your fault.

    What is the correct thing to do in situations like this? Threaten to call the police?

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    Glad to hear everything ended reasonable well. What time of day did this go down?

    It’s cool that the SUV driver and the other cyclist were watching out for you. In general, we need to watch out for each other out there. It’s really the only defense against stupid kids. You certainly can’t reason with them or take 6 of them on in a fight.

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    Glad it turned out well!

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    Glad you were away unscathed. Glad the SUV driver and other biker were there.

    I’m not sure a gun would help in this situation (as someone suggests) sure you could have killed them, but they might have had guns too. I don’t think that kind of escalation is helpful for anybody and who wants to kill children over a bike anyhow?

    I think you handled it well and had a bit of luck on top of that. The thing I take away from this is to avoid the temptation to lash out verbally when people are being stupid. It might possibly never have happened had you not disrespected them (in their eyes) by ‘talking back’ to them. I know I’m guilty of it myself and have delivered a ‘get off the path’ on more than one occasion. I resolve to try to deliver that message with more love and compassion from here forward.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    @gMach wrote:

    I resolve to try to deliver that message with more love and compassion from here forward.

    Thanks for sharing.

    From now on I’m going to yell “Hugs on your left!”

    But seriously, I’m glad this turned out well. If you don’t want to call the police (which you should: crime statistics are extremely important to public policy decisions), this would also be a good story to tell at planning/city council meeting. People may be unaware of the need for better law enforcement presence on the Greenway.

    I rode a sizable chunk of the Greenway last Friday and did not see one cop, but there were 6 bike cops and 2 squad cars escorting Critical Mass around town. I’m glad that the police were helpful with traffic control for the Massers, but it goes to show that visible actions like CA get more attention and funding that less visible needs like the Greenway.

    Again, glad it turned out for the better!

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    I always wonder why kids will yell “gimmee your bike” as I’m riding by. As if I’m going to stop and just give it to them.

    Glad you got away from the hooligans.

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