No Name Alleycat Race

Date & Time

Sunday, January 5, 2014
6:30 pm

More Information

The No Name is a monthly standing alleycat race. Sam brought the race concept from Milwaukee, where it was originally meant for shop employees to get a chance to be able to participate in events. We meet up on the first Sunday of each month (with a few rare exceptions) at the bandshell near the North/East end of the Stone Arch Bridge. The race varies, as each month the prior month’s winner organizes the race. It’s typically a manifest of unmanned stops in Minneapolis with the occasional jaunt into St. Paul, with mileage running anywhere from 10-35 miles. The longer races are usually when the weather is nicer. It’s a very noob-friendly race, and has served as the training ground for many of the Cities’ best street racers. It’s a great place to learn how to ride and run an alleycat. Other traditions include the winner-take-all pool (usually followed by the winner-spend-all on beer), random prizes, and no-spandex attitude. Meetup at 6:30, Manifests at 6:45, Race at 7. Recommended equipment: bike, lock, pen, helmet, lights, map.