The Forums Have Been Disabled

Dear MPLS Bike Lovers –

On Tuesday, 12/1/2015 the forums on were disabled. We didn’t plan to make this change so suddenly, but a big SPAM attack following the Thanksgiving holiday forced our hand. And the week since has been a scramble, putting whispers of transition into immediate action.

Forums are dying

In spite of the abrupt change, we didn’t arrive at this decision quickly or easily. Unfortunately, declining use and increased spam have become more trouble than they’re worth.

It’s no secret that forum use is on the decline, but the time and cost needed to manage spam and maintain the hosting infrastructure continues to rise. At the same time, social media constantly pulls forum members in myriad other directions. And so we reached the tipping point, where the cost simply exceeds the benefit.

Why not turn them over to somebody else?

Unfortunately, there are very few organizations with the capacity and capabilities to take on a project like this. 

Technically speaking, moving to WordPress solved a lot of platform issues for the site and made many things easier; but the time and cost required to maintain the system are still significant.

Financially speaking, there’s simply no benefit. Why would anybody spend time and money keeping a local forum alive that generates no revenue, has an ever-declining active user base, and is costly to maintain?

But “bike culture”!?

MPLS Bike Love is NOT dead, we’re just moving forward.

Since acquiring MPLS Bike Love in 2010, we’ve built an impressive social media following – across FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Tumblr – and encourage you to follow us there.

All of our profiles are public so you can follow along without having to join. And of course, we’ll continue to maintain a website with event information and links to bicycle resources in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro area.

Closing thoughts

The forums were our beginning, but they aren’t our end.

To those of you that still use the forums and are saddened by this news, we’re sorry. All good things must come to an end. We hope you’ll follow us elsewhere.

Most importantly – TO ALL OF YOU that helped make the MPLS Bike Love forums an integral part of MPLS bike culture, THANK YOU!!! Your love is a big part of what makes our town so rad. You keep providing that and we’ll keep sharing it with the world (wide web)!

– Your friends at MPLS Bike Love